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Long Island Assisted Living

Island Assisted Living is participating in the NYS – ALP (Assisted Living Program). We believe in our community both outside and inside. Our residents and staff understand our core beliefs and mission statement that “No one is an “Island” unto themselves.

At Island Assisted Living our residents get the opportunity to be a part of our family every day! Our staff is incredibly friendly, understanding of each resident’s needs, and always goes out of their way to make sure that residents are comfortable and happy.

We care with compassion

With highly trained staff, and medical personnel The Island Assisted Living is designed to be a lifelong residence for individuals who need to be at an assisted living facility, but do not want to lose their independence, at-home feel, and community support.

We invite you to become a part of OUR COMMUNITY – please reach out with any questions, or how we can help you move into the Island!

Our Facilities

Our facility is always maintained at the highest level of cleanliness while keeping the grounds inviting and well manicured. Ensuring our residents, and our family feel at home throughout their time is our goal at Island.

Island Assisted Living Exterior in Hempstead, NY on a sunny day
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